Puppy Training

Enjoy a puppy who’s as Good As Gold with our Platinum Puppy programs

When it comes to puppy training, we kick it up an extra notch from gold to platinum.

Why? Because every moment you invest in your puppy’s training not only brings results and relief now—it’s an investment in an emotionally and behaviourally solid adult dog tomorrow.

Let us help you:

  • Put house training in the rearview mirror
  • Stop all the biting with those needle-sharp puppy teeth
  • Burn off and manage that excess puppy energy

  • Build solid basic manners and obedience foundations
  • Teach your puppy to walk nicely on leash and come when called
  • Help your puppy grow up into a friendly, easy-going dog you can take anywhere

Choose our fun, real-life results puppy training classes or our do-it-for-you puppy day school program.

Either way, our goal is the same: An easy puppy today and a great dog tomorrow.

Platinum Puppy Classes

Platinum Puppy training class

This super fun (and adorably cute) class seeks serious results: A well-behaved puppy now and, even more importantly, a well-behaved adult dog in your immediate future. So in addition to basic manners and obedience foundations, this real-life centered class focuses on real-life activities like easy grooming, fear-free vet visits, polite leash walking, good manners with fellow canines, and polite behaviour around family mealtimes. And of course we’ll tackle pressing issues like house training, puppy biting, and excess puppy energy, too.

Class details

  • 1 private puppy Jump-Start Training Session in your home + 5 puppy training sessions on Saturdays at 1pm at Sundance Animal Hospital
  • $375 (inc. GST)

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Platinum Puppy On The Town field trip class

We’re serious about real-life results, so our Platinum Puppy class graduates are invited (and encouraged!) to join us for On The Town—a unique field trip class designed to take your training results on the road throughout Calgary. You and your puppy will practice and refine all you’ve learned while enjoying the company of fellow classmates on a series of weekly field trips. We’ll window shop in Willow Park and Highstreet in McKenzie Town, take walks through Fish Creek Provincial Park, ride the LRT, pick up supplies at Bone & Biscuit in Mahogany, and enjoy coffee and a chat on the Starbucks patio. The goal? A puppy (and eventually an adult dog) who knows how to be on her best behaviour no matter the situation or where you take her.

Class details

  • TBA

Please note: You must be a Platinum Puppy class graduate or be enrolled in Platinum Puppy Plus day school (see below) to enroll in this course.

Coming Soon!

Platinum Puppy private & day school training

No time for class? We’re happy to work with you and your puppy one-on-one. And if you work long hours and worry about getting your puppy the training and socialization she needs to grow into the dog of your dreams, we’ll take care of it all for you.

Private Platinum Puppy training consult

We’ll come to the convenience of your home to teach you all the puppy basics from housetraining to socialization, lay basic manners foundations like sitting instead of jumping, and answer your pressing puppy questions.

  • Puppy Training Consult: $200 + GST
  • Bundle of 4 consults: $720 + GST

Click to email or call 403.651.5954 to schedule your Initial Consult.

Platinum Puppy Plus day school program (recommended)

Everything your puppy needs to grow into the dog of your dreams—all done for you. If work, kids, and commute already have you running ragged, let us take puppy training off your hands. Simply drop your puppy off for day school in the morning. While you work, we’ll train your puppy on her basic manners and obedience foundations, help her learn to play nicely with fellow canines, and even teach her to enjoy vet visits and grooming. At the end of your day, drop by to pick up your well-behaved, happy, pooped-out puppy. She’ll be ready for a low-key evening after her long day—a welcome change at the end of yours. And the best part? You’ll have invested in helping your puppy grow up to be the very best dog she can be.

Coming soon!

  • Initial Assessment Consult: $200 + GST
  • 2-week day school program: TBA
  • 4-week day school program: TBA

Platinum Puppy Plus day school is held at Sundance Animal Hospital at 35 Sunmills Drive SE, Calgary, AB

Is your puppy on the way? Call now to reserve her spot, as we take only a small number of puppies at a time.

Click to email or call 403.651.5954 to schedule your Initial Consult.

Meet your puppy trainers

Puppy training is a group effort

Everyone at Good As Gold gets in on our puppy training and raising programs. Not only that, but when it comes to Platinum Puppy Plus, the whole staff at Sundance Animal Hospital participates, too! The result? A beautifully socialized puppy who grows up into a well-balanced dog who loves people and fellow dogs, and can handle herself with grace in any situation.

Learn more about our team and our training credentials.

Questions about our Platinum Puppy classes or private training programs?

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