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Our training classes deliver results that are as Good As Gold

From puppy to basic manners to competition sports to relief from leash reactivity, our training classes deliver.

Learn from experienced, certified dog trainers

Enjoy skilled, friendly instructors

Benefit from small class size

Relax with humane training

Marvel at your dog’s progress

Puppy Training Classes

Platinum Puppy training class

This super fun (and adorably cute) class seeks serious results: A well-behaved puppy now and, even more importantly, a well-behaved adult dog in your immediate future. So in addition to basic manners and obedience foundations, this real-life centered class focuses on real-life activities like easy grooming, fear-free vet visits, polite leash walking, good manners with fellow canines, and polite behaviour around family mealtimes.

Plus you get a personalized Puppy Jump-Start Training Session in the convenience of your home to tackle pressing issues like house training, puppy biting, excess puppy energy, or whatever you need.

Class details

  •  1 private puppy Jump-Start Training Session in your home
  • + 5 puppy group training sessions on Saturday at 1pm at Sundance Animal Hospital
  • $375 (inc. GST)

Platinum Puppy is open enrollment—that means you can start right away for immediate relief!

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Platinum Puppy On The Town field trip class

We’re serious about real-life results, so our Platinum Puppy class graduates are invited (and encouraged!) to join us for On The Town—a unique field trip class designed to take your training results on the road throughout Calgary. You and your puppy will practice and refine all you’ve learned while enjoying the company of fellow classmates on a series of weekly field trips. We’ll window shop in Willow Park and Highstreet in McKenzie Town, take walks through Fish Creek Provincial Park, ride the LRT, pick up supplies at Bone & Biscuit in Mahogany, and enjoy coffee and a chat on the Starbucks patio. The goal? A puppy (and eventually an adult dog) who knows how to be on her best behaviour no matter the situation or where you take her.

Class details

  • TBA

Please note: You must be a Platinum Puppy class graduate or be enrolled in Platinum Puppy Plus day school.

Coming Soon!

Competition Obedience Classes

Competition Obedience dog training classes

Really want to impress your friends? Do you enjoy spending time with your dog? Have you got a bit of a competitive streak? Join us for competition obedience classes. Our accomplished instructors share their tips for success, hard won over decades of competition success with their own dogs, including many dozens of titles. (One of our instructors even earned a perfect 200 score as an Obedience Trial Champion!) And the best part? We train with positive reinforcement, to make sure you and your dog enjoy both your success and the road to it.

We have several levels of classes, each consisting of 6 sessions. Classes run on Tuesdays at Wet Creek Stables in Balzac, Alberta, and on Thursdays at Kayenna Kennels. If you’re just getting started, enroll first in Novice Foundations.

For more information about our classes at Kayenna Kennels please visit their website, located here.

Novice Foundations

Let’s start off on the right paw! We’ll lay foundations for great engagement and attention from your dog, introduce pivot platforms and pots, get our position change mechanics right for seamless sits, downs, stands, and settles, learn how to develop a heeling focal point, and share tricks to enhance fun and success for you and your dog.

Class details

  • Currently available on Thursdays at Kayenna Kennels

Novice Polishing & Open Beginner levels

In this level we’ll start putting our foundations together into leash heels, figure eights, stands for exam, off leash healing, recalls, and stays. Exciting! We’ll also begin teaching the skills you’ll need for Open level, including retrieve, drop on recall, broad jumps, and position changes from a distance. Impressive!

Class details

  • Tuesdays at 8pm at Wetcreek Stables
  • Next session begins October 8, 2019
  • $200 (inc. GST)

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Open & Utility levels

Time to graduate to open and utility level exercises. We’ll improve upon those in the last class, plus add retrieves on the flat and high jumps, out-of-sight stays, seek back, article work, signals, a moving stand, and directed jumping. Now you’re really looking good!

Class details

  • Tuesdays at 7pm at Wetcreek Stables
  • Next session begins October 8, 2019
  • $200 (inc. GST)

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Canine Classes for Leash Reactivity

Calm Canine leash reactivity class

At best, living with a reactive dog—one who barks, growls, and lunges at other dogs, people, small animals, or things on wheels—is stressful and embarrassing. At worst, it can be dangerous. This fun, supportive class looks to put all that behind you and get you and your dog enjoying some much needed calm, whether that’s on your walks, at home, in your yard, or wherever your dog’s reactivity flares.

We take a two-path approach: First, we use positive reinforcement operant conditioning techniques to teach your dog to focus on you instead of the things he reacts to. Second, we use positive classical conditioning techniques to systematically teach your dog to feel ho-hum about his reactivity triggers. (Oh, that dog or squirrel or skateboarder? Yawn!) The end result? By week 7 of class, we’ll be taking a fun group walk in Fish Creek Provincial Park with your Calm Canine focused by your side!

Class details

  • 7 weeks (1 parent orientation + 6 training sessions) of Wednesday at 6:30pm at Sundance Animal Hospital
  • November 6, 2019
  • $400 (inc. GST)

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Calm Canine On The Town

Once you experience the field trip at the end of Calm Canine class, you’ll want more. Our Calm Canine OnThe Town class provides weekly opportunities for you and your dog to practice your new skills in a safe, supportive group environment, guided by one of our skilled instructors. Your dog’s ability to relax and focus on you around other dogs, people, small animals, and wheeled objects will continue to grow, as will your comfort and confidence. Plus we have an awful lot of fun as we rotate our walks through various Calgary parks.

Class details

  •  6 weeks of Mondays at 7pm rotating between Fish Creek, Confederation, and Edworthy Parks
  • Next session TBA
  • $260 (inc. GST)

Please note: You must be a Calm Canine class graduate to enroll in this course, or have completed a Calm Canine private training program.

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Calm Canines Agility class

One of the most tragic things about reactivity dog is how many activities reactive dogs and their people miss out on. Our Calm Canines Agility class gives you and your dog the chance to have fun together learning the country’s most popular dog sport in a supportive environment. You’ll join fellow Calm Canine grads who understand what it’s like to live with a reactive dog, and be guided by our experienced instructor. The best part? While you and your dog have a blast, you continue to build your dog’s ability to calmly focus on you in busy environments.

Class details

  • 6 weeks of Tuesdays at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30pm at Wet Creek Stables in Balzac
  • Next session begins October 8, 2019
  • $250 (inc. GST)

Please note: You must be a Calm Canine class graduate to enroll in this course, or have completed a Calm Canine private training program.

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Meet Your Instructors

Barbara Walmer, Dr. Jennifer Richards, and Ellen Kovar share 3 things in common:

A love of teaching humans as strong as their love of training dogs

A commitment to fun, stress-free classroom experiences for human & canine students

A dedication to success in the classroom & real-life results outside of it

Our training team’s extensive experience and credentials teaching both dogs and people mean success for you and your dog!

Learn more about us, our credentials, and how we train.

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