Expert dog training for Calgary’s most serious dog lovers


  • Relief from serious dog behaviour issues
  • Puppy raising support

For both, our goals are the same: 

Results and relief through expert dog training with a human touch

Good As Gold dog & puppy training programs

Private Dog Training

Whether you’re struggling with a dog who barks at strangers, fights with other dogs, growls at family members, or can’t be left alone, we’re here to bring you training results and personal relief.

Learn more about Private Behaviour Dog Training.

Calm Canines Training

Living with a dog who lunges, barks, and growls at other dogs, people, small animals, or anything on wheels? Our reactivity classes or private training will turn your Reactive Rover into a Calm Canine.

Learn more about Reactivity Training.

Dog Training Classes

We’ve got something for everyone: Puppy training classes, field trip classes for real-life practice, competition obedience classes, and Calm Canines classes for on and off leash reactivity. Phew!

Learn more about out our Dog Training Classes.

Puppy Training

Join us for puppy training classes, take puppy field trips around Calgary, or let us do your puppy training for you through our Platinum Puppy Plus day school puppy training program.

Learn more about our Puppy Training Programs.

Extras for dog pros & enthusiasts

Dogsafe Dog First Aid 101

This comprehensive full-day course is designed to teach responsible dog owners and dog professionals the knowledge and skills required to respond to a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. 

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Pro Dog Trainer Seminars

Seminars for dog training professionals taught by our lead trainer Barbara Walmer as well as distinguished guest speakers.

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Community Workshops

Lead trainer Barbara Walmer shares her extensive knowledge with Calgary dog enthusiasts on topics ranging from canine first aid to aggression.

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Ready for results and relief?

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