Private Behaviour Training

Behaviour relief that’s as Good As Gold

Living with a dog with serious behaviour issues is hard.

It can be stressful. Disappointing. Frustrating. Frightening. Even heart breaking.

It can cause strain in relationships—between family members, in marriages, with neighbors and friends.

You don’t have to continue to struggle with your dog’s behaviour. We specialize in bringing relief from serious canine behaviour issues.

We can help put an end to:

  • Growling and snapping at family members
  • Aggression toward visitors in your home
  • Aggression toward strangers on walks
  • Barking at passersby outside the home
  • Lunging at barking at other dogs while on leash
  • Fighting between family dogs

  • Fighting with unknown dogs
  • Fence fighting with neighbour dogs
  • Barking or destruction when left alone
  • Impulse control issues like extreme pulling, jumping, or barking

Let us guide you through a personalized training program to change your dog’s behaviour. Better yet, let us do your dog’s training for you for the fastest, most reliable results.

Private Training for Behaviour Modification

B-Mod coaching*

After an initial consult, you and your dedicated trainer will meet once per week for a minimum of 4 weeks to work with your dog and assign your weekly training homework. You’ll learn how to train your dog to replace unwanted behaviour like lunging and barking with new calming behaviours like focusing on you for direction. You’ll also learn a systematic training protocol to help your dog learn to feel positive about whatever upsets him (like strangers, other dogs, or being left alone). After all, if your dog is no longer upset, there’s no longer any reason for unwanted behaviours.

  •  Initial Assessment & Planning Consult: $200 + GST
  • 4 session training program: $720 + GST
  • 8 session training program:  $1400 + GST

* Please note that in cases of serious aggression we may require our Good As Gold B-Mod Gold program, below, for better results and increased safety.

*Sessions are valid for 6 months from first consult 

*Due to high demand for private training, our trainers focus primarily on neighbourhoods in South Calgary. If you are out of the service area, our trainer may recommend virtual training. 

Click to email or call 403.651.5954 to schedule your Initial Consult.


B-Mod Gold program* (recommended)

If you’re looking for faster results with less work, we recommend letting our expert trainer train your dog for you. Not only will you see faster results, but most of our clients find handing over the leash to our highly experienced and credentialed behaviour expert a huge relief, particularly in situations where emotions are understandably running high. After an initial consult, our trainer will work with your dog several times each week in whatever real-life settings your dog typically displays the behaviour we’re looking to address. You’re welcome to watch the process, or feel free to go about your regular daily obligations. At the end of each week your trainer will transfer your dog’s progress to you during empowering transfer sessions.

  • Initial Assessment & Planning Consult: $200 + GST
  • 3 session training program: TBA

* Please note that our Gold program is available only in these Calgary neighborhoods: Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Cooperfield, Cranston, Douglasdale/Glen, Legacy, Mahogany, McKenzie Lake, McKenzie Towne, Midnapore, New Brighton, Seton, Sundance, and Walden.

*Sessions are valid for 6 months from first consult

Click to email or call 403.651.5954 to schedule your Initial Consult.

Meet your trainer


Having watched so many dogs surrendered for behaviour issues to Calgary Humane Society during her tenure as Behaviour Department Head, Barbara has long made it her mission to support dog lovers struggling with the frustration, stress, and often devastation of living with uncontrollable, aggressive, or anxious dogs. With over 20 years of professional training work under her belt, the highest training credentials, a long track record of successfully resolved cases, and deep empathy for her human clients, Barbara is uniquely suited to restore harmony to life with your dog.

Learn more about Barbara and her training credentials.

Questions about our Behaviour Modification private training programs?

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Private dog training for dedicated Calgary dog lovers living with aggressive dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, and dogs with impulse control issues like barking and jumping.