Toys are an essential part of a puppy’s development and well-being. Not only do they provide entertainment and mental stimulation, but they also promote physical exercise and help satisfy a puppy’s natural chewing instincts. Playing with toys can also help puppies to socialize and bond with their owners, as well as develop their coordination and motor skills. Additionally, having a variety of toys can prevent puppies from getting bored or destructive, as they have an appropriate outlet for their energy and curiosity. Overall, providing your puppy with a range of toys can contribute to their happiness, health, and positive behaviour.


Dogs have a natural tendency to dig, hunt and chew, and burrowing/shredding toys allows them to engage in these behaviours in a safe and controlled way. These types of toys can also help prevent destructive behaviour, as they provide an appropriate outlet for a dog’s energy and curiosity. Shredding toys should be used while under supervision.


Plushy toys with squeakers are great for puppies because they provide a sense of comfort and security while satisfying their natural urge to play and chew. Toys that make a squeaking noise can add an element of excitement and playfulness, keeping puppies engaged and entertained. You can choose toys with no stuffing if your puppy becomes overly focused on de-stuffing. Shredding toys should be used while under supervision.


Chewing is a completely natural behaviour for puppies. Of course, those razor-sharp teeth hurt went they nibble hands. Providing appropriate chew items for your puppy is one of the best ways to teach them not to bite while also giving them a great mental outlet.


Tug toys can be a great tool for building a bond with your puppy. Creating movement on the ground with a tug toy will help pique your puppy’s interest to engage in play. Tug toys are also a perfect toy option to help teach impulse control with a “drop-it” and “take-it” cue.

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