Virtual Training

Virtual training options for your convenience


Benefit from behaviour relief that’s as Good As Gold from the comfort of your home!

Less distractions for your dog

Flexible and convenient schedule

Immediate feedback while training your dog

Access to recordings of class video and online resources

Marvel at your dog’s progress

Virtual Training For Behaviour Modification

Virtual B-Mod Coaching

After an initial consult, you and your dedicated trainer will meet once to twice per week for a minimum of 3 more weeks to work with your dog and assign your weekly training homework. You’ll learn how to train your dog to focus on you with her triggers in site, whether at home or on walks. You’ll also learn a systematic training protocol to help your dog learn to feel less passionate about the things that trigger her. After all, if she’s no longer upset or hyper interested, there’s no longer any reason for all the barking and lunging frenzy.

By learning in your own home we are able to facilitate for more frequent sessions when needed, creating an individualized program which enables you and your dog to progress faster! Students will be required to have 2 devices (ie. a computer and a phone) that can be connected to Zoom for virtual consults, one for the dog, the other for the handler. 


  • Initial Assessment & Planning Consult: $150 + GST
  • 4-week training program: $500 + GST
  • 8-week training program:  $960 + GST

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Calm Canines Leash Reactivity Class

At best, living with a reactive dog—one who barks, growls, and lunges at other dogs, people, small animals, or things on wheels—is stressful and embarrassing. At worst, it can be dangerous. 

This fun, supportive class is designed to get you and your dog enjoying some much needed calm, whether that’s on your walks, at home, in your yard, or wherever your dog’s reactivity flares. We take a two-path approach: First, we use positive reinforcement operant conditioning techniques to teach your dog to focus on you instead of the things he reacts to. Second, we use positive classical conditioning techniques to systematically teach your dog to feel ho-hum about his reactivity triggers. (Oh, that dog or squirrel or skateboarder? Yawn!)

Class details

  • 6 weeks duration through our online learning platform
  • Access to handouts and videos to facilitate learning 
  • Each week students submit a 5-minute video for analysis and individualized feedback
  • Next session TBD
  • $400 (inc. GST)

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Virtual Competition Obedience Workshops

Sensational Scent Articles

Build your skills from the ground up! The scent article exercise can be challenging for both dogs and handlers. This course will teach the exercise from start to finish, beginning with scent discrimination and adding in the retrieve at the end. As the retrieve is the final piece we teach, dogs do not have a retrieve to participate in this course. 

Class details

  • Next session begins May 4, 2020
  • 3 parts, to be released May 4, May 11, and May 25
  • Auditor and working spots available; working spots submit 90-second videos for analysis with each part
  • $60 for auditors
  • $110 for working spots

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Place, Pots & Platforms

Let’s start off on the right paw! We’ll lay foundations for great engagement and attention from your dog, introduce pivot platforms and pots, get our position change mechanics right for seamless sits, downs, stands, and settles, learn how to develop a heeling focal point, and share tricks to enhance fun and success for you and your dog. Divided into three learning modules this course focuses on foundations, from beginner to advanced. Whether you are new to competition obedience/rally or looking to finesse your performance, this class is for you.

Class details

  • Next session begins May 4, 2020
  • 3 parts, to be released May 4, May 11, and May 25
  • Auditor and working spots available; working spots submit 90-second videos for analysis with each part
  • $60 for auditors
  • $110 for working spots

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Video Analysis

Having trouble solving a problem and need some feedback? Competition obedience can be a challenging sport and sometimes you need a different perspective to get to the heart of the matter. Whether you are working on building a new skill or finessing an old one we are here to help.  Using video analysis you can submit a 90-second video for review and we will provide feedback to get you moving in the right direction.


  • Single video review: $25 
  • Bundle of 5 video reviews: $100 

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Meet Your Trainer


Good As Gold owner Barbara Walmer is Calgary’s most respected dog trainer. Known by many through her 16 years as Department Head of Behaviour for the Calgary Humane Society, Barb now commits 100% of her time to improving the lives of Calgary’s dogs through community education, dog training classes, and private training programs focused on proactive puppy raising and addressing serious canine behaviour issues.

Barbara can’t get enough of training, so her free time is largely spent training and competing with her own dogs. She has two CKC Master Obedience Trial Championship (MOTCH) titles, as well as CKC Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) titles on 5 dogs; earning over 30 High in Trials, and even a perfect 200 score. Barbara is continually expanding her knowledge in competition obedience by attending numerous seminars and working with various different trainers thus ensuring each dog and handler receive an individualized experience.

Learn more about Barbara and her training credentials.

Virtual Training FAQ

Who is virtual training for?

Virtual training is for anyone who is looking for a training program to change their dog’s behaviour

What are the benefits of virtual training?

Where do we start? Whether you’re adhering to social distancing guidelines during a pandemic, seeking a stress-free environment for your reactive dog, or looking for a convenient training option that fits into your busy schedule, virtual training comes with many benefits! See why we think virtual training might be the perfect fit for you and your dog HERE!

What will I need to participate in a virtual training class or consult?

Class participants will need access to a computer with a camera, smartphone or tablet, along with an Internet connection. Some lessons in the class will require you to upload a demonstration video of you training your dog. In these cases, a second person or tripod may be necessary

How do I use Zoom for my consult or class?

We get it, learning new technology can be daunting! Luckily Zoom is very user friendly. We will send you a “meeting” link via email that you will use to access your virtual class or consult (no account needed!)

Zoom has additional video tutorials and resources for you HERE

How do I upload my training video for review?

We’ve created a guide to assist you with uploading your training videos for review. Check it out HERE!

Does virtual training actually work?

The simple answer is YES! During your virtual class or consult you will receive the same expertise as our in-person lessons. Our credentialed trainers have years of experience working with dogs of varying behaviour challenges. We use science-based, humane training methods to deliver lasting results because we love your dog as much as you do! 

Questions about our puppy or dog training class programs?

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